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Hybrid Procurement

Some of our clients wish for a single point of contact and a single party to contract with, It is due to this increased demand for turnkey procurement that Amber has evolved from a traditional contractor to an organisation that delivers every promise and benefit that design and build procurement is renowned for.

As opposed to the rest of the construction market, we at Amber do not rely upon a solely internal team of design resource. Instead, we see great benefits in partnering with the best possible design partner dependent upon the challenge at hand. Amber always takes on full design responsibility and our architectural partners are hand selected for their speed of response, their ability to upscale resource as and when required and their forward thinking approach that matches perfectly with that of our team. This approach brings a level of design experience and quality that most design and build organisations struggle to compete with.

The design benefit to clients is significant, all the while, we are on hand to manage the whole process and deliver on what we do best, quality of construction with an unnerving attention for detail.

Amber is at the forefront of developing models of procurement that react to the needs of the modern client.