Services | Maintenance & Aftercare

At Amber we think differently about aftercare and maintenance. We operate a long term business model that values ongoing relationships and future work in a way that many year-on-year and listed companies cannot afford. We can see the challenge way off in the future. It may not be an immediate challenge and it may not answer an immediate business need, but ultimately we can see the benefit of never leaving our clients side.

Who better to assess and understand what is required of a complex planned preventative maintenance regime than the team that delivered your construction solutions? That is why we have a team on hand to support you long after your construction project completes.

Our commitment to maintenance and aftercare is at the core of our companies values. It was at the core of the vision when Amber commenced business and it leads all of our internal systems and processes to this day. That is why at Amber, we partner with sub- contractors and suppliers that share the same belief in ongoing aftercare support. From the electricians to the mechanical consultants to the team on hand to replace damaged carpet tiles, we are a single solution under the Amber banner that can support your asset throughout its lifecycle.

At Amber we do not see a project having a start or an end.