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As a forward thinking company that likes to challenge the norm, Amber thinks differently about construction delivery. We spend significant time and effort working on win-win supply chain solutions that realise real commercial benefits for our clients.

Whilst not always cutting out the middle man, we understand that we need to have direct relationships and communication with manufacturers to offer our clients the very best solutions and to understand how to achieve the best commercial terms.

Our approach to supplier and manufacturer led relationships is already seeing our construction programmes reduce in time, our product lead times significantly improve and our commercial buying power compete at the highest level.

Keeping our overheads controlled is another way that we are striking a competitive edge.

The ultimate effect of our approach is allowing Amber to represent organisations with strict procurement policies and robust negotiators as well as full professional teams of surveyors and cost consultants, without dropping our standards – quite the opposite, we are delivering a quality of product in a manner that is unique.

At Amber we are rewriting the rulebook on how to successfully procure fast paced construction projects